Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sabrina Montgomery.

I  am the founder of Singlish.

I would like to share with you the incredible artform of singing!  

If you would like to sing, discover the incredible world of music come join me.

Whether you are an advanced professional and or beginner Singlish will assist to further your skills in music. 

Learn Vocal Producion, the power of breath, Harmony as well as Harmonics, Gospel , Jazz , Contemporary  Pop with European Classical Technique.

Discover the Music within you! Discover your Voice!


 About Me

The Founder of Singlish

My passion for Creative Arts, Humanities and Music has led me on a journey that transcended my life and spirit. Through music I am blessed to have traveled  the world.  From The Unitied States, Europe, Australia, China, Japan and last but not least The Gulf Region.  I have  interacted culturally with executives, creative artists as well a spiritual leaders. My intent; to become more effective in communications.


At an early age ... I sang in a Gospel Choir.   I have studied privately with 5 Classical Vocal teachers  ( Opera and Classical Vocal Ease ). 

I've the honor and privelage to study under Mr. Gil Askey  the musical Director for Motown, This gentlemen discovered  Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5;

Musician Director for Diana Ross, Temptations and Four Tops. Mr. Gil Askey was the architect of The Motown Sound.

I have had the honor to work with world class Jazz musicians internationally.

I chose to work privately with Masters and travel the world performing night after night to perfect my craft.

As an Entertainment Consultant I provide Artists opportunity to enhance their careers utilizing the support of corporate support.  I am the founder of  Jet Set Jass Inc. in 2005 


As  performer I have had the opportunity perform in the most luxurious sought after destinations around the world.  I book many Musicians and Singers in Luxury hotels and I am always on the look out for new talent.  Most Singers are unfamilar with this career opportunity. To perform and travel the world doing what you love best.

I  provide jobs for so many musicians and performing artists.   I would like to coach new singers or singers that  would like more career advantages.  Skills you would need:

A Vast Song List

Ability to maintain your voice during a  Challenging  Performance Schedule.

Breathing techniques 

Song Stylizing

Microphone Technique 


artists shortlist  

Speciality Acts 


I have had the honor to study with the greatest Jazz musicians in the world as well as formal european classical studies. Prior to this however my education musically began in church. Allow me to share the greatest gift that I have to offer.  Music!

Learn through the tradition of Gospel, Blues and soulful ballads.

Learn though the tradition that has formed artists like Whitney Houston, John Legend and more.

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